World of Warcraft – Antorus, the Burning Throne Hope’s End Tactics

Kin’garoth. This is the first boss of the third wing of Antorus, the end game raid for World of Warcraft Legion expansion. It’s a two phase fight. During phase one, players need to stay spread and soak the damage from the purple bombs. The boss is not moving but he starts to spin when he casts Ruiner, a fel beam that does lots of damage. In the second phase, the boss takes 99% less damage so the raid will deal with adds instead. The two phases alternate until the boss dies. Cheap WOW Power Leveling service would help you with all of these if you got any problems.

Varimathras. This fight is a DPS race. Players will want to avoid the Misery debuff that decreases received healing and increases taken damage. The debuff is applied when players receive shadow damage. The group will stay stacked and move together. Players who are too far from the group take shadow damage. The dark purple areas also deal shadow damage so players have to move away from them. Players with Marked Prey need to watch out not being thrown too far from the group. On heroic, players also get Necrotic Embrace and they have to move out of the group.

Coven of Shivarra. This is the most difficult fight in this wing. It’s a fight against three bosses with two active at a time. When fighting against Noura, players need to move out of the saber that travels between a random player and the boss. Asara shoots three shadow blades that can be avoided. Diima puts Chilled Blood debuff on players. The debuff can be removed by healers. The bosses are not very hard to deal with but it’s the titan tormenting phase that wipes most groups. Depending on which titan is tormented, players will have to deal with different mechanics. During the Aman’Thul torment, players will quickly have to kill the adds. For the Golganneth torment, players must stay two yards away from each other and also deal with adds. Khaz’goroth adds will cast fire damage that players need to avoid. Norgannon adds have to be crowd controlled and avoided for 30 seconds after they appear. After 30 seconds they are easily killed as they have just one HP. The hard part is avoiding them.

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