Guide For Night’s Edge Souleater Build for Lost Ark

This guide equips you with the knowledge to master the Lost Ark Night’s Edge Souleater build, a fast-paced melee playstyle focused on maximizing Lost Ark Soul Shards for great damage.

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Gear Up for  Lost Ark Night’s Edge

The core of your damage comes from Vestige, Guillotine Swing, and Lethal Spinning. These are your bread-and-butter skills. Harvest and Reaper’s Scythe offer additional damage and Destruction generation, while Soul Drain is crucial for building Soul Shards to power up your key abilities.


Rusted Nail acts as your defensive counter skill. For more utility, Soul Stone generation, and mobility, you can consider swapping in Astaros or Death Order.

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Master the Flow

  • Build Soul Shards: Utilize Ghast and Stygian skills to generate Soul Shards.
  • Spend Shards Wisely: Unleash Deathlord skills to fill your Edge meter and enter Soul Snatch mode.
  • Dominate in Soul Snatch: This mode grants massive damage boosts and cooldown reduction to Ghast skills. Utilize Lethal Spinning and Harvest for maximum damage.

Stat Priority

When choosing your stats, it depends on the Relic Set you’re using. If you have a Relic Set that focuses heavily on Crit, then you’ll want to prioritize Crit itself. This will make your damage output more consistent across each cycle of your abilities.

On the other hand, if you’re using the Hallucination Relic Set, it provides some Crit Rate innately. This allows you to focus more on Swiftness. Swiftness gives you Attack Speed, Move Speed, and most importantly, Cooldown Reduction.


Core (Level 3):

  • Night’s Edge: Boosts Deathlord and Ghast skills.
  • Grudge: Increases damage dealt and received (high risk, high reward).
  • Keen Blunt Weapon: Capitalizes on your Crit Rate sources.
  • Raid Captain: Rewards bonus damage based on Move Speed (easily achievable).

Optional (Level 1 or 2):

  • Adrenaline: Provides additional Crit Rate and Attack Power.
  • Cursed Doll: Significant Attack Power increase, but reduces healing effectiveness.

Optimize Your Gear

The following are the best gear to have for your ideal build.

Relic Sets

  • Nightmare Set: This set is ideal for Crit-heavy builds, prioritizing raw damage output for maximum power.
  • Hallucination Set (Alternative): This set offers a built-in Crit Rate, allowing you to focus on Swiftness for faster attack speed, movement speed, and cooldown reduction.


Aim for a Bracelet with high Crit and Swiftness for optimal stats. Special Rolls like Circulate, Fervor, and Hammer provide additional damage boosts.


  • Master Elixir: Use this when your Crit Rate falls below 80% to ensure consistent critical hits.
  • Critical Elixir: Use this when your Crit Rate is above 80% to maximize the benefits of critical damage.


  • Early Game: Deep Dive is an easily obtainable card that provides a solid damage boost for beginners.
  • Endgame: Light of Salvation is considered the strongest card, but requires more effort to acquire.
  • Alternative Endgame: Kazeros’s Legion Commanders is a viable option for endgame content against enemies with Dark Damage attacks.

Practice makes perfect! This guide provides a solid foundation for one of the best Lost Ark Builds. Experiment with different skill rotations and find what works best for you. As you progress, explore advanced mechanics and optimize your gear further to become a master  Lost Ark Night’s Edge Souleater!