FIFA Mobile – How to complete League Rewards

League Rewards is one of the FIFA Mobile activities available in Campaigns mode. This activity gives rewards based on players’ performance in league tournaments. They will earn points which are used to acquire the rewards. The grand reward is a Dele Alli card. The activity card in the main Campaigns menu shows 15 tasks that must be completed in order to unlock the Alli card. The activity has two panels. One is called Dele Alli and the other one is called Rewards.

The Dele Alli panel has five tasks and the other one has 10. Their sum matches the number of tasks shown on the activity’s card. The first thing players need to do is to join a league. As the name implies, this activity is only available for those that are part of a league. FIFA Mobile Season 2 made the league joining process a lot easier so players will find a suitable league in no time. There are filters and search options that help players narrow the league search. Players will need 43 league points in order to complete all the tasks from the first panel. The first one is completed as soon as players are part of a league but they will need league points for the remaining four. The rewards obtained when completing these tasks will allow players to upgrade their OVR 80 Deli Alli card to OVR 100. The second panel allows players to win the league points that are used to get the rewards from the first one. To get these points, players will need to win league tournaments. They will get points when achieving a certain number of league tournament wins. For example, for 10 wins they will get five points and 30 skill boosts. For 25 wins, they get 10 points and 25,000 training XP. Points can also be spent on FIFA coins, training XP, skill boosts, and packs. The League Rewards is not an activity that will be easily completed but the reward is one of the best cards so it is worth the effort.