Honkai: Star Rail: Harmonious Choir: The Great Septimus Boss Guide

The Great Septimus is a critical  Honkai Star Rail boss in Penacony, intrinsically linked to the main plot and associated with the Path of Harmony, represented by using musical notes. As a top-tier beast, killing this  Honkai Star Rail boss is crucial for getting the specific material required to upgrade some characters’ Traces, particularly Boothill’s. Known as the Great Septimus of the “Harmonious Choir,” this boss is one of Honkai’s most brutal enemies. Here’s a guide to finding The Great Septimus, unlocking the encounter, defeating it, and other tips.

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How to unlock The Great Septimus boss

You must progress through Penacony’s main story to unlock The Great Septimus boss. After completing the “And on the Eighth Day” quest, you will confront Sunday, who transforms into the embodiment of Harmony and Order. Defeating him will unlock The Great Septimus as a repeatable  Honkai Star Rail boss, allowing you to obtain valuable materials for upgrading new characters.

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How to defeat The Great Septimus boss

When battling The Great Septimus, the basic techniques are to strike frequently and powerfully with elements that exploit its weaknesses while being prepared to mitigate incoming damage. Despite its affiliation with The Harmony, this  Honkai Star Rail boss is a strong opponent. You may lose the battle if you are not fully prepared to defend your squad or heal during the attack. The Great Septimus includes three unique stages, comparable to Phantylia in Honkai: Star Rail.

 Honkai Star Rail Boss Phase 1

The Great Septimus uses a simple attack pattern with three moves in the starting phase. Initially, it performs a single-target attack followed by an AoE attack. On the next turn, it stuns one of your party members, significantly increasing the damage they take for at least one turn. The  Honkai Star Rail boss also summons four “Echoes of Faded Dreams,” which can be destroyed to grant your team shields and an extra turn. Additionally, whenever The Great Septimus is weakness-broken, all party members receive a shield that absorbs all incoming damage.

 Honkai Star Rail Boss Phase 2

During the second phase, The Great Septimus begins charging up an AoE (area of effect) attack whose damage scales based on the number of additional summons on the field. The more enemies in battle, the stronger the attack against your entire team becomes. To counter this, employing the previously mentioned strategies is crucial. Inflicting Weakness Break on enemies can also help reduce the impact of the incoming blow.

  Honkai Star Rail Boss Phase 3

In the third stage, The Great Septimus becomes particularly difficult, as it gains the ability to execute a special move that bypasses your allies’ DEF stats. This poses a significant threat since DEF is a passive means of mitigating damage. The most effective defense against this move is to attempt to inflict a Weakness Break on The Great Septimus before it unleashes the attack, thereby circumventing the strike altogether.

The Great Septimus Boss Rewards

Here is the list of rewards you can obtain upon defeating The Great Septimus boss:

  • Lost Echo of the Shared Wish
  • Lucent Afterglow
  • Abundance Light Cone: “What is real?”
  • Harmony Light Cone: “Dreamville Adventure”
  • Hunt Light Cone: “Final Victor”
  • Destruction Light Cone: “Flames Afar”
  • Preservation Light Cone: “Destiny’s Threads Forewoven”
  • Erudition Light Cone: “The Day The Cosmos Fell”
  • Nihility Light Cone: “It’s Showtime”
  • The Ashblazing Grand Duke relic set pieces
  • Watchmaker relic set pieces
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