LaLiga and J.League Join FIFA 18 E-sports World

LaLiga teams up with the Professional Videogame League (PVL) and McDonald’s to create a new FIFA 18 league called McDonald’s Virtual LaLiga eSports. This new league has a most ambitious objective: to become the number one FIFA 18 competition in Spain. The winner of the tournament will not get only national recognition but also has the chance to take part in the most prestigious FIFA 18 tournament which is the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018. There will be three phases. The online phase is played using the gaming platform provided by the Professional Videogame League. The second stage will be played in Barcelona at a PVL venue. There will be one more phase organized by McDonald’s that will also decide a player. Matches will be played on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. These tournaments are set to take place in March and April 2018. The winners will represent their country in the FIFA 18 Playoffs, the first stage of the eWorld Cup 2018.

J.League, the Japanese Professional Soccer League, is making a debut into the world of e-sports in 2018. This league was founded in 1992 and now, 26 years later, is stepping on another soccer related stage that is just as competitive. The new league is called eJ. League and its mission is to single out the best FIFA 18 players in Japan. The first games will be played in late March. The winners will go to the June Playoffs that decide which players will compete in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018. Many players will start this journey but only a few will make it to the Grand Final and only one player will become champion. They will get to enjoy the title until the next season begins and new competitors get ready for the tournament. These two new leagues prove that the e-sports scene is getting bigger and more important with each year and FIFA 18 is one of the games that actively support and encourage e-sports development and recognition. Get ready now if you want to join this, final tip, FIFA 18 Account is a cheap and easy way to get coins fast now. Prepare coins and players for your FUT.