NBA Live 18 – How to perform shot moves on PlayStation 4

NBA Live 18 users are able to guide their game avatars on the court using combinations of buttons known as moves. Different types of shot moves can be achieved. Here is how to perform them all.

For a layup, players will have to hold the square button while they are close to the basket. To do a jump shot, players need to use the square button and the right stick. A dunk move is achieved when holding the square and R2 button in proximity to the basket. A fadeaway move is done by pressing the square button and moving the left stick away from the rim. Players can adjust shot using the square button, they will need to tap this button while in the air during a dunk or layup move. A putback move is achieved if players tap the square button in the middle of a rebound.

A pump fake is done by tapping the square button. A spin gather move is obtained if players double tap the square button while they are driving. If the right stick is held down, players will do a spin back jumper. If players also press the R2 button in combination with the previous control, they will do a step back jumper. A eurostep is achieved by double tapping the square button and holding the R2 button while driving. A floater move is done by pressing and releasing the R2 button followed by the right stick in an upward direction. Players also need to be driving while they perform this combo.

In addition to the above moves, players can use their controllers to do passing, dribbles, offensive and defensive controls. NBA Live 18 is not such a difficult game and most players get the hang of it after a few games. There are lots of ways to get better at it. One of the most recommended ways is to take part in practice mode. Players will be shown the button combo for various moves and have the chance to practice them all to perfection.

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