NBA 2K18 – Five reasons to use the companion app

Personalized NBA 2K18 avatar. This is one of the main reasons players download the app. By using it, a realistic scan of the player face is created. This image is transferred to the main game and applied when creating MyPlayer. Players are guided throughout the scan process and given instructions regarding lightning and such. The scan can be retaken as many times as players wish.

Get coins for free. Another compelling reason to get the app is the chance to obtain coins without paying for them. A list of daily objectives allows players to get more rewards that can be used in game. Coins can be earned and also spent within the app that offers access to the MyPlayer store.

Watch 2KTV. Players can watch the NBA 2K18 show using the app. The show is hosted by Rachel A DeMita who talks about game’s feature, interviews basketball personalities, and such. Players can also get some quick virtual currency by answering the 10 questions per episode. The answers can also be found online.

MyTeam mobile. This is similar to MyTeam mode from NBA 2K18. The gameplay is pretty much the same but the cards are different. Players collect cards representing basketball players and form teams using any cards they wish. It doesn’t matter if two players are from different teams in the real NBA. In MyTeam they can be on the same team. There are more than 300 cards to collect. Players are compelled to log in every day as they get rewards for their daily activity.

Play with others. Players use the cards collected with MyTeam mobile to take part in various single player and multiplayer modes. There are quick matches, Playoffs mode, and modes that allow players to test their skills against each other. From time to time, there are special events. The obtained rewards include coins that can be used in the main game.

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