NBA Live Mobile – How the new lineup system works

NBA Live Mobile Season 2 brought pretty important changes to the game. One of the biggest changes is the one regarding lineups. In Season 1, there were five types of lineups. Each basketball player card could be assigned to only one type of lineup. It was written on each card the lineup that allowed it. So players would acquire cards for their shooting lineup, two-way lineup, and so on. All players had five lineups that they used in various game modes. It seems that players weren’t too happy about this system as it didn’t offer enough freedom in building a lineup. The NBA Live Mobile team listened to players’ feedback and came up with a way to modify the old system that was so restrictive.

All players who have had a chance to log into Season 2 so far, have noticed that the lineup system offers two options. One is NBA and the other one is classic. A team still contains five players so this was not changed. The NBA lineup is the new one added in Season 2. Users will be able to assign players like James Harden, Lonzo Ball, Carmelo Anthony, Giannis Antetokounmpo, or Karl Anthony Towns to this new type of lineup. A team formed with a classic lineup will have players like Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Steve Smith, Sean Elliot, and Larry Bird. The NBA lineup will use present day players while the classic one will use veteran players.

Players shouldn’t worry that the old system was completely removed from the game. It is still there as it can be seen by checking out player cards. Each player has a lineup on his card just like in Season 1. This system just adds something new to the game. Players will learn how to use the new lineups when they log into the game for the first time after the Season 2 update. A quick tutorial explains what has changed and how to use the new features.