NBA 2KVR – A Virtual Reality Alternative to NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 fans that want to experience basketball themed gameplay in virtual reality are invited to try NBA 2KVR. This is a game that is created by Specular Interactive and is published by 2K, the company that is in charge of the famous NBA 2K series. NBA 2KVR was released a few years ago is one of the first games that were designed for virtual reality devices. It’s a new game that is separate from NBA 2K18. It doesn’t come as a mode or as a DLC. It’s bought individually. There aren’t many virtual reality basketball games so NBA 2KVR is a good choice for those who wonder how it would be to play NBA 2K18 in a virtual environment.

The game is available for PC and PS4. It works with PS VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR. It can be bought as a digital download from Steam for PC, from the PlayStation store, or from the Oculus store. The price is $15 and it varies based on buyer’s location. The price is quite accessible as the game doesn’t have that much content. Players have the chance to step onto a virtual court. They will meet NBA player, Paul George. He becomes the players’ trainer. George offers basic advice on how the game is played but also tips to help players become stars of the virtual arena. The content includes activities that are called mini-games. The three point shootout is a mini-game in which players are tasked with achieving three point shots in a certain period of time. Time attack is similar but players can score from any location on the court. Skill challenge also requires players to score hoops but this time the ball must hit some targets first. In buzzer beater mode, players must achieve shots in the allocated time. Gatorade boosts allow players to increase their stats. The atmosphere aims to recreate what’s going on in a real basketball match. The court does not only look like a real stage but also sounds like one.