Elder Scrolls Online – How to Get the Grand Master Crafter Achievement

Elder Scrolls Online launched its second expansion. It’s called Summerset and it comes with lots of new activities. One of these new features is a profession called jewelcrafting. New stations have been added to the game so players can make accessories like rings and necklaces. There is also a new achievement to get. It’s a meta-achievement so it’s acquired when players get the other achievements. There are nine achievements as requirement for the Grand Master Crafter Achievement. Players may already have some of them from the main game. There are also new ones that are related to the jewelcrafting profession.

The Profession Master achievement requires players to get rank 50 in all professions. This is one of the most time consuming achievements. It’s not that easy to level up all professions but it’s not impossible. Players are advised to make heavy use of crafting writs to speed things up and for one more reason. Unsurpassed Crafter is another achievement needed. Players need to finish 100 master writs for it. So these two first achievements go hand in hand. Crafters must demonstrate that they’ve learned all there is to know about all professions by getting the three trait related achievements. There is one called Trait Master for weapons and armors. There is also a newly introduced one for jewelcrafting. They will also need to know the Nirnhoned trait. Knowing provisioning recipes is another requirement for the meta-achievement. The Recipe Compendium that is achieved when 100 recipes are learned is needed as well. Players also need to prove they are skilled when it comes to runes by translating all the potency ones. This achievement is called Potency. The Botanist achievement must also be acquired. This one requires knowing all traits for reagents used in alchemy. Players must also master true style by learning 50 motifs. The reward for getting the meta-achievement is a new title. Players will be able to call themselves Grand Master Crafters from now on. The title comes with a new outfit style.