NBA 2K18 – Do You Watch 2K TV?

NBA 2K18 continues the tradition of 2K TV. This is a nice feature that gives players a bit of entertainment and the chance to obtain rewards that can be used in game modes. 2K TV is like a TV channel that shows NBA 2K18 related news and also covers events from the real NBA. The show is hosted by Rachel A. DeMita. She used to play college basketball but gained fame as a YouTuber and later as the host of the 2K TV. Fans can follow her on social media. She is pretty active on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

2K TV is a weekly show. It can be watched within the game. Each episode is also uploaded to YouTube but players have to watch it in the game to get the rewards. Players need to answer some trivia questions to get the prizes. Those who want to get them without effort can look up the answers online. There are plenty of YouTubers who share the answers that can also be found on Twitter. The rewards include coins and player cards that can be used for MyTeam mode. Virtual coins or VC for short are an important part of the game so having as many as possible is every player’s dream. 2K TV offers a quick and easy method to get some coins without spending real money. This is not an opportunity to be missed. The player cards are part of a set called 2K TV collection. Kenny Smith 89 OVR, Glenn Robinson III 86 OVR, Marquese Chriss 86 OVR, Thon Maker 86 OVR, and Greg Anthony 86 OVR are some of the players that are part of this collection. There are some YouTube guides that explain how to obtain these players with cheap NBA 2K18 MT.

Besides rewards, the show also provides entertainment and news. NBA personalities are often invited as guests. Game officials talk about features and future plans for the game. 2K TV is interesting to watch and also rewarding so players should spare some time each week to check it out.