How is Madden NFL 19?

When we enter the virtual grid that represents the new Madden 19, the quality of the “transmission” of the game continues to be tremendously satisfactory. The similarities with the American television networks remain one of the highest points in that series of details that make this game one of the essentials of EA Sports.

This year came with the promise of improvements in animation through Real Player Motion Tech, focused on enhancing realism in the movement and mechanics of players, especially receivers and runners. The return of kicks takes a new dimension with these improvements.

A new way to play

After playing some games we can say that the evolution in graphic matters has taken a step forward, as well as the realism in the movements of the players. For a long time we forgot the players who had an erratic behavior when lying on the grass, today we leave behind those inhumanly abrupt movements after receiving the ball to observe how the dynamics of a play flows more naturally.

A new motor engine

The reflection in the players’ helmets, the sweat that drains as the game progresses, the narration that is heard more coherent than ever with specific comments at appropriate times, all factors that combine to deliver an experience that is attached to reality , but with a dose of adrenaline and emotion that only video games can provide.

The possibilities in Madden Ultimate Team have also been expanded with new challenges and training tools as well as a renewed reward system. We can also continue with the promotion of a player with Longshot: Homecoming and follow closely the stories of Devin and Colt, now with more action worthy of the NFL. This year Madden returns with a PC version. In addition, it is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The price ranges from 1,300 to 1,700 Mexican pesos.

We wait for long hours of online games and development of our franchise to dominate the NFL.