ESports Grow Day by Day with FIFA 19

Electronic Arts and PlayStation continue to expand the electronic sports of FIFA 19. After the great final of the Continental Cup that was played in the last Paris Games Week, it is time to welcome the electronic sports ecosystem of the Champions League, the maximum competition of clubs in football. The virtual equivalent? The eChampions League and, yes, the final will be in Spain.

And, both companies are still focused on turning FIFA 19 into a great sport, and to this end they continue adding competitions to the list of championships that give points for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, the highest competition in the Electronic Arts game. Now, what is the FIFA 19 eChampions League?

When it´s going to happen?

On March 2 and 3, different players will compete to become one of the best 64 of the first round. Those who manage to pass will fight in a duel on April 26 and 27 in a qualifying event that will decide which eight players go through to the finals of the eChampions League, which will be played on May 31, just before the end of the Champions final in Madrid. As you can see, the screen will be important, since the prize is quite succulent.

In addition to becoming one of the best players of FIFA 19 of the season, the winner will take $ 100,000 of the 280,000 that will be available for prizes, in addition to 850 points of the FIFA World Series 19 that gives way to the eWorld Cup 2019. We could buy FIFA 19 Coins to build a good team and start practice now.

Now it only remains for the players to train as much as possible to offer us a competition that matches the name of the “real” competition.