NBA 2K18 Celebrates NBA Draft

NBA 2K18 does not miss any real NBA event. One of the most important events in the NBA is the draft. This is a selection process that decides the future of basketball players that want to be part of the NBA. The draft allows NBA teams to select new members. The participants are mostly college basketball players but also international players. The draft is held every year. It’s a moment of importance so it cannot go unnoticed in NBA 2K18.

This year’s draft day is honored with a special collection of MyTeam cards. Players should prepare for a real treat as there are lots of cards included in this set. The NBA Draft Day collection has no more and no less than 350 cards. There are more than 180 distinct basketball players. Another great news is that new cards have been included in this pack. These cards are precious cards as they are pink diamond quality. There are six of them available. Just like all the cards included in themed packs, these have been chosen for a reason. The six diamond card players have been top draft picks in the last thirty years. Anthony Davis is playing as a power forward and center for the New Orleans Pelicans since he was drafted in 2012. Karl-Anthony Towns is a center player for Minnesota Timberwolves. There is another player from this team in the Draft Day collection. This is small forward Andrew Wiggins. John Wall is Washington Wizards’ point guard since 2010. Markelle Fultz from Philadelphia 76ers started his NBA career in 2017. His 76ers colleague, Ben Simmons, is another player in this collection.

Players have a 100% chance to get one of the six players from a Draft Day pack. Besides the pink diamond players, the packs also have three other basketball players. The cards in this celebration pack can be used in various activities in MyTeam mode. Players are invited to check out the NBA 2K18 MyTeam pack store and collect all players from the new collection.

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