Win the Super Bowl With These Tips for Madden 18 (Getting Use to The Moves)

Madden NFL 18 is a pure strategy game. Here we can´t launch the attack without a plan designed or thought of previously. It is not like in FIFA 18 Account play, in which we can launch the offensive and defensive at any time, since the slightest mistake can cause us to receive a touchdown from the other team.

That is why we have decided to give you 5 tips to be the best in Madden NFL 18. We will separate this guide in 5 chapters to be able to talk to you in depth about each of the techniques or tips that we have prepared for you.

That being said, let’s go into the field!

Get used to the movements

To master Madden 18 and proudly lift the Super Bowl trophy, it is essential that you memorize all the game controls, remember that with each edition there is always a change in the controls.
With memorize the game controls we do not mean that you stay with those who only serve you to play, but you access the main menu, then enter SKILLS TRAINER in the PLAY tab and take your time to practice.

Why is it essential to memorize the game controls? In a game like Madden 18, it is crucial that the movements and strategies are punctual and precise, because if you take a second or confuse a button, it can become a defeat in front of thousands of people and a shameful withdrawal at the party more great football, the Super Bowl.

We recommend you to start with BASIC OFFENSE, BASIC DEFENSE and SHORT PASS CONCEPTS, the other options are as extensions of these three, and enough Madden NFL 18 coins, if you master these three variants, you can practice the others more easily