OSRS Production Skills Guide

This article focuses on those abilities that give you goods in return. Many players in the OSRS community use the Production Skills to enhance their heroes or their pockets. To learn more about Old School RuneScape, check more information on the U7BUY website. You’ll also discover vital knowledge about other popular video games.


By now, Cooking is a standard for MMOs. The concept for this skill is to use ingredients and transform the items into a “cooked meal” or healing goods. You can improve this skill while you’re focusing on the fishing gathering.


The whole process goes like this: Grab fish from fishing spots. Find a range or fire around the map. Cook all that fine seafood and save it for later.


After you gather enough points, you can cook better meals with outstanding buffs (improvements) for your hero.


Thanks to this skill inside Old School RuneScape, you can make pottery, jewelry, and armor for your character(s) or trade with the gaming community. As you can already tell, you could use the fine work of your craft to enhance your virtual wallet.


Still, the materials to improve this Production Skill might require tons of “farming” or repeating tasks. For example, you can grab leather by tanning cowhide. Afterward, you can build a complete armor set.


Improving the Crafting Skill might take a lot of Gold Coins. Luckily, you can grab OSRS accounts with tons of bonuses. You could skip a large amount of time with the “farming” and improve those numbers ASAP.


Make your life as an archer easier with the Fletching Skill at your disposal. As you move around, you can deforest a whole map and make ammunition and powerful bows.


Indeed, you need a “Members-Only” account to unlock this feature for your hero. If you have the resources, you should start that Fletching attention and throw your arrows as you please.


Furthermore, you could use that extra ammunition and trade it for Gold Coins.


This skill is known as “alchemy” in other RPGS (Role-Playing Games). When you upgrade this element on your account, you can craft potions from herbs.


This advantage will help you grab unique buffs and make your encounters easier. Although overpowered, you need a “Members-Only” account to unlock this skill.


Similar to Fletching, you could use Runecraft as you improve the Magic spells. You could take a lot of time to reach the highest levels, but you will earn good rewards when you reach the peak.


Saw an outstanding sword when you’re questing? No worries, mold some metals and make it by yourself. The Smithing skill will give you more equipment options as you move around Old School RuneScape.


After you have a fully equipped Champion, you can sell the rest to other players.