How To Defeat The Lich King In WoW Classic Wotlk

Lich King, the mighty boss of WoW Classic Wotlk, presents a challenging encounter with four phases, two intermissions, and elaborate mechanics.

U7Buy has special WotLK gold offers to help all players in need! Arthas Menethil, once prince of Lordaeron and sworn enemy of the Scourge, is the most important WoW Classic Wotlk boss. The Lich King is a key figure in the Warcraft lore. The encounter in IceCrown Citadel is one of the best WoW fights in history. Also, it is one that presents the most challenges. We have compiled a short guide to help down the mighty Lich King. Prepare for a long fight that will last around 15 minutes. The encounter has four phases with tactics that must be perfectly executed.

WoW Classic Wotlk Lich King Phase 1 – 100% HP to 70% HP

Assign two tanks for this phase. One tank will engage the Lich King, while the other will handle the adds. The Lich King will cast Infest, dealing damage to all players and applying a debuff that increases damage taken from Infest by 100%. Healers should be prepared to top off the raid after each cast. The Lich King will cast Necrotic Plague on a random raid member. This debuff will jump to nearby players upon expiration, dealing damage and increasing damage taken from Necrotic Plague. Designate a specific player or location for players to run to when they have Necrotic Plague to control its spread. The Necrotic Plague debuff is key in this phase because that’s how you will get rid of the Shambling Horrors and Drudge Ghoul adds. At 70% HP, the intermission phase begins and players must run to the edges of the platform. The remaining adds should be cleared.

WoW Classic Wotlk Lich King Phase 2 – 70% HP to 40% HP

Players must step away immediately from Defile puddles. The Lich King casts Soul Reaper on its current tank. It deals significant damage over time and must be healed through. Coordinate defensive cooldowns for Soul Reaper, ensuring tanks survive the damage. Be prepared to immediately switch to the Val’kyr adds that grab players and throw them from the platform. The raid continues to deal with the Infest ability. After a one-minute intermission when the boss reaches 40% HP, the fight proceeds into Phase 3.

WoW Classic Wotlk Lich King Phase 3 – 40% HP to 10% HP

The Lich King no longer deals Infect, but he has two new abilities. He casts Harvest Soul on a random raid member. Healers need to keep the player alive during the cast. When the Vile Spirits appear, the raid must move to the opposite side making it harder for the adds to reach them. A tank or designated raid member with defensive cooldowns should run into them to trigger the AOE damage they deal. At 10% HP, the Lich King inevitably kills all the raid.


WoW Classic Wotlk Lich King Phase 4 – 10% HP to 0% HP

After a cinematic cutscene, the raid is resurrected. From now on, the Lich King is immobilized and killing him is a mere formality.

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