NBA 2K22 Season 2 Part 2

If you don’t have enough coins, you can buy NBA 2K22 MT coins from Mtstacks! Season 1: Arena Battle brings exciting new rewards such as emotes, gear, flag options and more – congratulations to those who have reached level 40 and earned a kart! Now that you’ve laid the foundations and started chasing your dreams in MyCAREER, it’s time to build a basketball career in Season 2. When Michael Jordan came to the Chicago Bulls in 1984, the team’s reputation was completely different from what it is today. The Bulls were looking for their star player, and they eventually found MJ, who led the team to a championship and the start of a legendary run. Whether you’re climbing the NBA ladder, taking to the streets or building your dream team, everyone can be the next Michael Jordan! In the City of Basketball (PlayStation 5 | Xbox Series X/S) and in the Arcade (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC), players can accumulate experience to gain access to a wide range of new content and goodies. Build up your basketball career, and accumulate more fame and rewards.

MyCAREER is filled with career-changing decisions, engaging drills and practices, rewarding endorsement deals and the world’s best competition to give players the most realistic experience possible. Michael Jordan has paved the way for many modern NBA stars, but can you follow in his footsteps and build your own basketball career? “GOAT’ is now a widely used word, but who says you can’t be a real GOAT? In Season 2, put all your heart and soul into proving that you can be the best. All eyes are on you, so make it count. The fun in NBA 2K22 is just beginning and there’s plenty more to share with you, including new prizes in Season 2 and some new events.

Level 40 rewards will come later, and players can redeem a Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt at Level 1. 23 October is Pink Ribbon Day, and Season 2 starts on the same day. To show your support for women’s health, we’re asking you to wear this awesome t-shirt. In the last season, players who reached level 40 received a new vehicle: a lightning fast kart. In Season 2, we’re offering a skeleton mascot costume to players who have worked hard to reach the highest level. There are several ways to build up your experience based on how much you have gained. Firstly, you can gain experience by playing in any of the courts or arenas in the City of Basketball or on the Cancha Del Mar Cruise. Competitions and events are the main ways to earn experience and events offer a unique experience. In addition to this, experience can be gained by completing missions in Basketball City or in the neighbourhood. You can view the mission log by opening a menu in the game and selecting a mission will set the waypoint to its location. Play the many game modes or achieve certain stats to complete many tasks. But don’t forget that some challenges can be completed with a simple quest. Whether it’s a daily task or a long-term mission, completing them one by one will bring you one step closer to level 40 and a whole new grand prize.