How To Get Rewards In NBA 2K22 MyCareer Season 2

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Rewards and Activities in NBA 2K22 MyCareer Season 2


The first day of Season 2: Build Your Empire comes with a reward. It’s the Pink Ribbon Day shirt and it’s available on the day the season starts. The reward for achieving the last tier in this season is a Halloween-themed item. Players get the skeleton mascot when they get to max level. Players get new levels when they obtain enough XP. There are different ways to get XP. The best way is to take part in all activities that give XP. All courts and gyms give XP when you play games. You can find these facilities all over the City and on the Cancha del Mar. The latter is a new area introduced in NBA 2K22. Matches and events are the activities that give the most XP. You have the chance to complete unique content during events. For example, the Halloween event has many activities that are not normally available to players. Questing is another way to get rewards. NPCs that give quests are found all over the Neighborhood and the City. Complete their tasks and you will get XP and other rewards. Players can access the quest log to see what quests they have. The quest log also allows players to establish a way point to the quest location. This makes navigation easier. Quests have all sorts of tasks. Most of them require players to complete games in specific modes or to post certain attribute lines. Some quests are completed when you explore the surroundings. NBA 2K22 MyCareer Season 2 has daily quests that can be completed each day. There are also long-term quests that take a while to complete. Players should complete all the quests to get to level 40 or as close as possible. Season 2 introduces the Rebirth quest that allows players to start with some advantages. They can start with a 90 OVR on next-gen or skip MyPoints levels they’ve completed in the past on last-gen.