FIFA 20 – Controller Settings Timed Finishing, Save Assistance, and Second Defender Switch On

FIFA 20 introduced new ways to play the beloved football simulator. New modes but also new controller settings allow players to experience the game like never before. Timed finishing is one of the new options. Let’s see what this option is about. When you press the shooting button, the shot animation starts and the player will shoot the ball if the command is not overridden. If you press shot one more time, the player will try to do a better shot. This is timed finishing. You can put it on or off.

The default setting is on. If it is on, you can double press the shot button after the animation has started in hope of achieving a better shot. It all depends when you press the button. If you manage to press it at the optimal moment, a normal shot will be boosted with accuracy and power. If you do a finesse shot, you can give it more accuracy and curve. Power is not increased in this case. This also goes for regular and finesse flair shots. If you press the button much earlier, the shot will deviate from the normal direction. If you press the button after contact with the ball, it will not influence the shot. If this option is put off, you will not benefit from this mechanic.

Save assistance is a goalkeeper setting so it works when you control a goalkeeper. It has three options: assisted, semi, and manual. If you set it to assisted, it will be easier for you to save because all balls that come close are automatically saved. For balls that are not close to you, you will need to achieve the optimal position and time.

The assist option negates the directional input of the save. The semi option works in the same way for balls that come close to the goalkeeper but for the others you need to make sure you are correctly positioned and have the right direction. If you put this option on manual, the only automatic saves are reflexes. The second defender switch icon option can be put on or off. The default is on. When this option is on, an icon will appear above the player that you will switch to with the default switching button. This is L1 for the PlayStation 4 controller and LB for Xbox One. This option allows you to anticipate the next player switch. When this option is off, there is no switch icon. Right switching doesn’t have this option.

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(Contributed by Reda)