FIFA 20 – Controller Settings Analog Sprint and Defending


FIFA 20 includes some controller settings that allow players to define the way they play the game. Choosing the right controller setting can make a huge difference. If you find the optimal setting for your play style, then you can be sure that you will win lots of matches. Here is what you need to know about the controller setting analog sprint. It has two options. The default option is on so it will be enabled if you don’t modify it. This option is about how fast players sprint. When the option is on, you will have to press the sprinting button to the maximum if you want your controlled player to sprint as fast as he can. When you press the button halfway, the player will sprint with half of his speed. The actual sprinting speed is controlled by the player’s attributes. Some players will sprint faster than others. If you turn this option off, the player will always aim to reach his maximum sprinting speed. It doesn’t matter how far you push the button.

Defending is another controller setting. It has two options. The default option is tactical. This option gives players more control when they are defending. They will be able to use modern mechanics when they are on the defense. This option allows you to be more in control. Mechanics such as teammate contain and jockey are available when this option is on. The other option is called legacy. As the name suggests, legacy provides players with a way of playing FIFA 20 similar to past FIFA titles. Choose this option if you are more comfortable with playing past FIFA games or if you are curious to see how the game was played in the past. It’s important to remember that legacy defending cannot be used when playing online. For these games, switch to the tactical option.

Another useful option is the FIFA Trainer. You can choose whether to show or to hide it. The options are self-explanatory. Use the show option to enable the trainer and use the hide option if you want to disable it. The FIFA trainer will help you while you play matches. It will show you what you are doing at the moment and it will teach you new things. There are some trainer settings that allow you to set how the trainer behaves. This tool is extremely helpful for beginners. Use it if FIFA 20 is your first EA SPORTS FIFA game and also if you want to improve your skills.

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(Contributed by Reda)