FIFA 20 Controller Settings – Passing Assistance, Lob Pass Assistance, and Through Ball Assistance

FIFA 20 has some new controller settings and options. Whether you play on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One knowing how to configure the controller is important because the right settings will give you better control over the footballers when playing matches. The passing assistance will help you choose the best option for your play style. This setting has three options: assisted, manual, and semi. The default option is assisted. When this option is on, the game AI will tell you who is the best player to receive the pass. The moves you make are analyzed and the game predicts where the pass should go. The assist finds the best target.

Why would you want this option on? Because it will help you discover which player is the most suitable to get the pass and also it will allow you to avoid the opponent’s response such as blocking. Keep in mind that the longer you press the pass button, the farther the player that can receive the pass can be. This means that while you keep the pass button pressed, the game will look for possible receivers. The success of the pass is determined by multiple factors such as ball speed, players’ attributes, and the opponent’s positioning.

If the setting is on manual, you are on your own. This means that you control all the inputs. This option will give you more control over the ball but keep in mind that it takes time to master it. This is like upping the difficulty. On the other hand, you will be able to send the ball in places that cannot be reached if the other options are enabled. If you choose the semi option, the directional input has a great influence on the pass. It’s important to take the aim into consideration when you use this option.

Lob pass assistance is another setting. This has two options: assisted and manual. The options work just like assisted and manual from the passing assistance setting. The through ball assistance has the same options: assisted and manual. If the assisted option is on, you will notice that is similar to normal passing. This option attempts to stay on the passing target’s path and to avoid the players from the other team if possible.

Choose the manual option and you will not get any help from the game. Like it is with passing assistance, this allows you to be more accurate but it’s more difficult to play games this way. Try all the options and keep in mind that practice is the only way to get better!

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(Contributed by Reda)