FIFA 19 – What is Ultimate Scream

Halloween is coming to FIFA 19 with Ultimate Scream event. This event is part of Ultimate Team mode. The event begins with 21 new player cards. These are unique cards that will enjoy a special boost. As long as the Ultimate Team season is active, these cards will have two boosted stats. There are six stats in total and two of them will always have an increased value. The catch is that the pair of stats that get the boost will change. There is not much known about these boosts. Players have no way of knowing which stats will be boosted or when the boost goes to other stats.

Here is what we know about these players so far. Each special player card also has its OVR boosted by one. It is not known which pair of stats is chosen to receive the boost but we know that their value will be at least 90. All players who are part of this event will have increased stats. When the event begins, all the cards will have at least two attributes with a value of 90. After a while, the boost will move to another pair of stats and their value will be at least 90. The boost update takes a few hours to complete. There is not an update schedule available. The only way to find out more is to keep an eye on FIFA 19 on Twitter.

Ultimate Scream players are found in packs that are bought from the store with FIFA 19 coins. The good news is that these player items can be traded between users. Each one of the 21 initial players can be traded. It’s possible to get the players by buying FIFA 19 Players from others using the transfer market. Twenty-one players are available in the beginning but some more that can be acquired by playing the game. There will be Ultimate Scream players that are obtained from squad building challenges. Another special player will be a reward from objectives.