EA Access Premier and Madden NFL 19?

EA Access is an Electronic Arts subscription service launched in 2014 that offers Xbox One owners access to its extensive library of titles, as well as some additional rewards.

Although Sony was also invited to the association so that PlayStation owners could access the service, he refused. PC players on the other hand can use the sister service, Origin Access.

Although it’s an Xbox exclusive right now, EA Access can soon reach other platforms. In a recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the service had become so successful that the company “would continue to push this model toward more platforms in the future.”

What is Origin Access Premier?
Announced for the first time during EA Play at E3 in 2018, Origin Access Premier adds a new level to the EA Access subscription service.

While the basic subscription to EA Access allows players to access a full library of hundreds of EA games and other associated publishers, Origin Access Premier takes things a step further by offering the new EA titles as well.

This means that Origin Access Premier subscribers will have access to all the titles that EA Access subscribers have, but they may also have new releases such as FIFA 19, Madden NFL 19 and Battlefield V.

What games do we hope to find?
As expected, you’ll find EA games in EA Access. This means that you can play and get discounts on games created by studios that are under the umbrella of EA such as EA Sports, EA Dice and BioWare.

We can expect to see franchises like Battlefield, Battlefront, Need for Speed and role-playing games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. And expect to make buying Madden 19 coins easier than before.