WoW Classic: Learn about the best healers for raids


World of Warcraft Classic is an MMORPG in which each player must fulfill a specific role, so it is very important to choose the ideal class that will help you fulfill the role you choose in the best possible way, otherwise, you would have a very difficult time to overcome the hardest raids and dungeons in the game.

Of course, one of the most important roles of WoW Classic is the healer, the player who is in charge of restoring the health of all the teammates to survive and defeat the most difficult enemies.

The role of the healer is very underestimated by many players, because it can seem somewhat boring and useless, but the truth is that it is as important as that warrior with the most powerful attack, since there is no use having a great power of attack if you are going to die quickly when enemies attack you.

Likewise, buy wow classic gold is not useful if you do not have in mind the importance of choosing the correct class to be the best healer or if you are not familiar with the mechanics of the game, so, to help you, we will show you which are the best healers of all WoW Classic.


Holy Priests

The Holy Priests are the best healers in all of World of Warcraft if you go to a dungeon for a raid. Its incredible ability allows you to use the strongest level of healing on your teammates and does not require any special action to deploy its full power, so it is ideal if you are learning to play and want to improve quickly.

This class can heal one or more teammates without spending a lot of mana, as well as giving a small dose of spirit and stamina to its allies.

As if that were not enough, his magical shield provides extra protection for him and his teammates in battle.


The Restoration Shaman is one of WoW Classic’s best healer classes, as it can use totems that will benefit your teammates in many ways.

Besides, totems will not only allow you to heal your teammates, but they will also serve to attack enemies when necessary, so it is a very versatile and fun class to use.


Holy Paladins.

Holy Paladins are the best class of healers after Holy Priests, as they have spells called blessings that recharge very quickly and give your teammates many benefits.

During the battle, Holy Paladins can heal their teammates’ health and improve their attack power.


The Restoration Druid is the weakest healer on the list, but it can be used to recharge health very quickly, as long as you stay away from enemy attacks.

However, this class has a limited number of spells that can be used in battle, making it a poor choice if you are going to raid.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Chong Fang)