NFL 23 – Trent McDuffie’s ‘Weekly Wildcard: Rising Star’ Potential!

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With more and more MUT cards being added into NFL 23, the latest ‘Weekly Wildcards’ batch released a few days ago might have gone unnoticed under the radar.

To keep it simple, one glorious MUT card upgrade has just been introduced for one of the NFL’s promising talents – Kansas City Chiefs’ 22-year old cornerback, Trent McDuffie!

McDuffie might have just entered the fray last year, but he has since shown his pedigree by helping The Chiefs win the Super Bowl LVII last time out, beating Philadelphia Eagles with a final score of 38-35.

Here’s how McDuffie’s new MUT card fares in the game:

(CB) Trent McDuffie’s ‘Weekly Wildcards: Rising Star’ Player Card: OVR 97

Speed, SPD (General): 98
Agility, AGI (General): 98
Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 97
Acceleration, ACC (General): 96
Jumping, JMP (General): 95

Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 94
Man Coverage, MCV (Coverage): 94
Press, PRS (Coverage): 93
Awareness, AWA (General): 93
Play Recognition, PRC (General): 93

McDuffie is incredibly quick and fast, always ready to pounce on ball carriers who try to fight for those extra yards from the sidelines.

His new card gifts him the Slot (CB) archetype due to his smart reads and intelligent interceptions.

McDuffie has two (2) useful traits too:

High Motor
Strips Ball

Not only that, McDuffie can also play in other positions on the field:

(SS) OVR 90
(FS) OVR 89

If you see a potential place for Trent McDuffie inside your own MUT line-up, his ‘Weekly Wildcards: Rising Star’ variant can already be found inside the Auction House right now:

Xbox: 436,000 MUT Coins
PS: 496,000 MUT Coins
PC: 505,000 MUT Coins

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