NFL 23 – Coby Bryant’s Quick ‘Team Affinity’ Player Card

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NFL 23 is seeing many newcomers who are profoundly talented on the field, and one such player is Seattle Seahawks’ pacey Cornerback, Coby Bryant, who is defensively astute and exceptionally smart in reading plays.

Just 23 years old, Coby Bryant has already wowed his seniors and fans with his impressive fifty-four (54) total tackles across all twelve (12) games for The Hawks, and this is just his first professional NFL season as well!

Bryant is also respected as a massive team player, justifying his ‘Team Affinity’ card upgrade that sees him receiving many incredible attribute boosts, including these ten (10):

(CB) Coby Bryant’s ‘Team Affinity’ Player Card: OVR 92

Speed, SPD (General): 93
Acceleration, ACC (General): 92
Man Coverage, MCV (Coverage): 92
Press, PRS (Coverage): 90
Jumping, JMP (General): 90

Agility, AGI (General): 89
Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 88
Catch In Traffic, CTH (Hands): 85
Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 85
Play Recognition, PRC (General): 84

As a Cornerback, it is Bryant’s duty to cover the side-lines and shadow opposition runners’ movements to anticipate potential runs or incoming long throws, and the American talent does everything with flying colours.

The young player also offers the following traits while inside the zones:

LB Style [Cover LB]
Strips Ball
Plays Ball in Air [Aggressive]

At the moment, Coby Bryant’s new card is sold at the Auction House for an average price of around:

PS: 435,000 MUT Coins

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