NBA Live 18 – Three things you need to know about the Franchise mode

You will be in charge of your own team. NBA Live 18 Franchise mode puts players in the shoes of a manager and a coach. Unlike in The One mode, where users focus on one player, this time an entire team of basketball players will be under players’ supervision. There are two options when creating a team. Players can choose a pre-built one or choose the fantasy draft creation option and build any team they like. There will be 30 seasons to complete. Players will find themselves making changes in team composition and also be in charge of players’ training. The goal is to win NBA championships.

Follow the To Do schedule. This section is a schedule that offers managers a sense of direction. They will be able to play full matches but also simulations and moments. The simulation feature allows players to do some planning and to decide tactics. Moments allow players to experience various parts of the game. Some other options such as draft recap are available in this section. Players can also manage their team composition with features such as free agent bid and re-sign. The To Do section also displays news about owned and rival teams. When players finish all of their assignments for one week, they get new ones for the upcoming week.

My Team complete management. As managers, players are in charge of everything when it comes to their teams. They will have to figure out what salaries to give players and to make crucial decisions regarding team composition. New players can be acquired by trades and by browsing the free agent market. Basketball players’ health is also important. The Injury Report contains medical files. Players train using upgrade points. These points are spent to boost skills. The player rotation feature allows managers to improve all players. The league option displays important info about the season and stats. Players can check out how their team is doing by viewing season standings, team stats, and transactions. Individual player stats are displayed too. At the end of the season, players can see who received awards.