NBA 2K21 – The Pro-Stick Is Getting A Revamp

NBA 2K21 is coming with new features and changes. One of them is a Pro-Stick revamp. This is one of the iconic features of the NBA 2K series. There weren’t many changes to this feature since it was introduced in the game. This year, the developers believed that it was time for an overhaul. They took advantage of this chance to bring much-needed changes to the offensive side of the game.

In previous NBA 2K games, players would do a jump shot by holding the Pro-Stick in either direction. This functionality prevented the players from doing dribbles using the right stick. That was the main reason the developers decided it was time for a change. The update is meant to give players more ways to do moves and to make the control scheme more intuitive. The dribble feature was updated. The developers are confident that it won’t take more than a couple of matches to get used to the new improved Pro-Stick. You may want to check the updates before jumping into your first game to learn the new remap.

There were updates concerning the moves as well. They are now more responsive and players can link moves. If you are wondering what happened to the street moves, you should know that they are now on the left trigger. These moves are achieved with a tap. You don’t need to worry about triggering one of these moves by mistake. You will also notice more NBA size-ups. New signature moves are available in NBA 2K21. There’s the around the leg dribble move that belongs to Harden. Kobe has a new variant of his dance. The hesi cross of Durant is in the game as well.

Motion capture technology allows the developers to implement real-life like moves in the game. Nate Robinson’s moves have been added to the game thanks to this technology. Let’s take a look at the new Pro-Stick moves. You will do a jump shot by holding the right stick down. You can escape dribble moves when you hold the right stick left or right.

If you want to do a signature size-up, you need to hold the right stick up. Tap the right stick and your character will do fast one to one dribbling moves. Hold the sprint button while tapping the right stick and you will do fast momentum dribble moves. Size-up dribbles on the move are done when you hold the Pro-Stick up and move the player in the direction you want with the left stick. There are 36 NBA size-ups and 14 Park. NBA 2K21 also has combo moves and escape dribbles that can be customized.

How do you think about this new pro-stick feature introduced in the recent demo of NBA 2K21? Like it or not, gamers definitely will have a more immersive experience while playing the game. MTStacks will also bring you better experience with the game, by offering cheap NBA 2K21 MT coins.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)