What Players Want To See From NBA 2K21 MyCareer

NBA 2K21 is coming on September 4th. The pre-order is already available and we know who are the cover stars for this edition. 2K has been pretty quiet regarding info about the new game. However, this doesn’t stop players from voicing their expectations about the new installment. MyCareer is a popular game mode that draws many players. Here is what players wish to see in this mode in NBA 2K21.

Some players believe that teammates’ AI should be better. They argue that the opponent AI plays better even if its attributes are lower. It also seems that the opponents are always reacting faster than teammates. Another player thinks that defensive breakdown should not be in the game anymore.

The argument is that the game prevents the player from moving fast enough to stop the opponent from scoring. Interception stealing is one aspect of the game that deserves some attention. Players with gold badges complain that they cannot make steals using interception but the opponent AI has no trouble with this. It looks like many players think there’s an imbalance between teammates and opponents AI. Better intercept reaction is requested too.

Other players express the wish for a quality single-player MyCareer experience. The suggestion is to allow players to get rep when taking part in NBA games in this mode. It seems that players want to take their MyCareer adventure further. They want more things to do after they win the championship and become MVP. More events for cages are on the wish-list as well. The suggestion is to get separate rep, items, and records for cages. Players also express the wish for a better practice mode. They want more rounds so they can practice drills and improve their game. Custom rosters are among the requests too.

One general concern is that the process of obtaining coins is tedious. The game is known for having microtransactions and lots of players believe this is what brings the game down. Maybe 2K should take a look at this aspect and listen to its player base. Everyone praises the NBA 2K series for great gameplay and features but the business model is just too aggressive.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)