Madden NFL 23: How to Trade in FOTF?

Madden 23 has arrived, and Career Mode has received some major updates thanks to the Face of the Franchise redesign this year. In this article, you will learn how to trade and switch team in Madden 23 Face of the Franchise. Before we start, be sure to visit MUTEAMGO for cheap yet safe MUT 23 coins.

When you start a new save in FOTF, you have to make a good decision about which team you select. Whereas in previous years players entered the team as rookies, this year it puts you at the beginning of the fifth year after the end of the initial contract.

Because playing time is intermittent, teams only offer one-year “proof” contracts to see if you are able to truly fulfill your potential. It is possible that the trade will appear in the future, but so far we have no clue for any scenario under which you want a trade in Face of the Franchise.

Although you can’t ask for a trade in Face of the Franchise, you will not have to stay with the same team forever. Madden 23 carries on with established contracts, but around the middle of the first season, you may be offered a contract extension.

In most scenarios, you’d be better off turning down such an offer and waiting until the off-season, especially if you want to sign with another team. If you have a great season going for you, you will have many more offers by the start of the free agency phase, including the team you are serving. It’s a season meant to be record-breaking, the only difference between choosing a team and staring a team is the longer process. As far as we could tell, you can only change teams in FOTF via Free Agency contracts.