Honkai Star Rail Leaks: Harmony Trailblazer Kit, Release Date & More

A fantastic Honkai: Star Rail leak has surfaced, indicating that the protagonist, the Trailblazer, would gain new skills as they progress along the Harmony Road. The Trailblazer, a significant five-star character in the game, drives the story along. Despite being initially connected to the Destruction route and the Physical element, they can shift affinities to Preservation and Fire.


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Harmony Trailblazer Kit in Honkai Star Rail

Harmony Trailblazer is a 5-star Imaginary character who specializes in the Harmony Path. He uses attack power to increase the team’s Break Damage and duration while delivering random AOE strikes with his unique Skill. Here are all the details about Harmony Trailblazer’s kit. These details are based on Honkai: Star Rail leaks and may change upon the character’s official release.


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  • Element:
  • Path: The Harmony.
  • Rarity:5-Star.
  • Basic Attack (Swing Dance Etiquette): Deals Imaginary damage equal to 50% of the Harmony Trailblazer’s attack against a single enemy.
  • Skill: (Halftime to Make It Rain): – Deals Imaginary damage equal to 25% of the Harmony Trailblazer’s attack to a single enemy, then deals damage four more times, each time dealing Imaginary damage equal to 25% of the Harmony Trailblazer’s attack to a different enemy.
  • Ultimate: Grants all allies the Backup Dancer effect for three turns, decreasing by one turn at the onset of each Harmony Trailblazer’s turn. Allies with Backup Dancer have a 15% increase in Break Effect. When they assault enemy targets in the Weakness Broken state, they convert the attack’s Toughness-Reducing Damage to Super Break Damage once.
  • Talent (passive ability): When an enemy target’s Weakness is broken, the Harmony Trailblazer regenerates five energy points immediately.
  • Technique (overworld ability): Now! I’m the Band! – At the start of the next combat, all friends’ Break Effect rises by 30% and lasts two turns.

Harmony Trailblazer Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

The Imaginary Trailblazer’s Eidolons are listed here, along with their names and effects.

  • Best Seat in the House (E1): Recover one Skill Point when activating the Harmony Trailblazer’s Skill for the first time in battle.
  • Jailbreaking Rainbowwalk (E2): At the beginning of combat, the Harmony Trailblazer experiences a 25% boost in Energy Regeneration Rate, which persists for three turns.
  • Sanatorium for Rest Notes (E3): Raises the level of the Harmony Trailblazer’s Skill and Talent by two, with a maximum upgrade level capped at 15.
  • Dove in Tophat (E4): Enhances the Break Effect of all allies except the Trailblazer by an amount equivalent to 15% of the Trailblazer’s Break Effect.
  • Poem Favors Rhythms of Old (E5): Raises the Harmony Trailblazer’s Ultimate level by two, up to a maximum of 15, and enhances their Basic Attack by one level, with a maximum upgrade level reaching 10.
  • Tomorrow, Rest in Spotlight (E6): Adds two more hits to the Skill’s extra damage.

Honkai Harmony Trailblazer Release Date

While there’s no official confirmation regarding her precise release date, based on the game’s update schedule, Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2 is expected to launch around May 7, with the Harmony Trailblazer scheduled for release.