Elder Scrolls Online – What to Get From the Store in March

Each month comes for Elder Scrolls Online players with a new selection of items that can be bought from the Crown store. As usual, ESO Plus subscribers get some free items as part of the premium deal. This month, they will get the Auri-El and Xarxes statue. If this item seems familiar to you, it’s because you have seen similar works in the Monastery of Serene Harmony in Shimmerene. Subscribers have until the 2nd of April to claim this free statue.

If you are into crafting, there are plenty of Crown store items for you. There’s the Shield of Senchal Crown Crafting Motif that becomes available on March 18th. You can get chapters from this motif in the game by completing quests. Go to the Senchal’s Merchants Square in Southern Elsweyr and look for Bruccius Baenius and Guybert Flaubert. They will give you the dailies that have chapters as rewards.

A new outfit style that works for two-handed weapons, the Elder Scrolls Artifact: Chrysamere, can also be acquired. The Slimecraw Arms Pack is another item. The Slimecraw Mask Style Page can be bought in the game from Maj al-Ragath. It has a chance to drop from the last boss in the Veteran Wayrest Sewers I and Maj’s Mystery Coffer. For a unique look, don’t miss Cadwell’s Kitchen Style Pack Outfit.

Costumes such as the Breton Hero armor are available too. If you want a hat, then you can get the Camlorn Top Hat Pack and Jester’s Festival Hat Pack. Do you want to behave in a different way? Then look for the drunk and jester personalities.

The newest Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Harrowstorm, was just released. The normal and the collector’s editions are available from the Crown store. You can also get event tickets that are used to buy event items from The Impresario.

Are you looking for new home decorations? Then check out the Mad Harlequin’s Reverie Music Box and Malacath’s Chosen Furnishing Pack. If you want a new home to add to your property list you will be glad to know that Forgemaster Falls is available for purchase. Complete your mount collection with Khaj Necromancer’s Steed, Pyre Watch Jackal, Nightmare Stick Horse, and the Masqued “Unicorn” Steed. Pets such as the Frost Atronach Pony, Hallin’s Jackal, and the Madcap Jester Monkey are also available.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)