Are You Interested In Joining Or Making A Diablo 4 Clan?

Diablo 4 clans are permanent social structures that allow players to join with all of their characters on an account. Read more.


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How to Find and Join a Clan in Diablo 4

First of all, you should know that you join a clan with your account, not with a character. This means that all of your characters on that account are automatically members of the clan. This also includes hardcore characters. The game makes it easier for players to find a clan to join. The Search Clans feature takes care of that. If you know of a certain clan you’d like to join, you can use the Clan Name search bar to type the name. If you are just perusing, you should use the Language and Labels as search filters. The labels allow you to browse clans based on your interests: PvE, PvP, hardcore, casual, social, or leveling. The search result shows you all the clans that match your filters. You can check out a clan’s name, the date when it was created, and the number of members. You will also see the name of the leader and heraldry. If you want to join, click the Request to Join button. Next to this button, we have the Report Clan button. The clan leader receives your application and, if they agree with you joining, you will get a notification. This doesn’t mean that you’ve automatically joined the clan. You can click Accept or Decline from the invite.


How to Create and Manage a Diablo 4 Clan

If you want to make your own clan, open the Clan interface and click the Create Clan button. You will need to enter some details. Evidently, the clan name is the first one. Find a suitable name that describes what your clan wants to be. The next option is the clan tag. Most leaders choose an abbreviation of the name. These two are mandatory. The next details are optional. The description field allows you to write a small introduction for your clan. Try to say a few words about your group. Next, you should also choose some labels. These characteristics are used by the search clan function. You can change the description and labels from the settings interface. A few more options are available. If you don’t want your clan to appear in the search results, you should mark it as private. The clan message of the day and information can be seen by clan members only. The message of the day is usually a sentence. The information section contains a more detailed description of the clan or whatever the leader wants to tell the members. The leader also has the Disband option. You can also edit permissions for clan ranks. The four ranks are: leader, officer, member, and recruit. The Permissions interface allows the leader to give permissions based on rank. For example, all ranks can invite new players into the clan, but only officers can mute members. The clan heraldry allows the leader to create a custom banner for the clan. You can choose a base pattern, symbols, and dyes. Many options are available. They can produce enough combinations, so clans can have unique banners. Clan members can use the built-in voice feature to talk to each other. They will also see the clan news feed that announces various events.

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