Madden 19: Defensive User Tips – Part 2

The user is often a deciding factor in how a game ends up. In the last major offense play of the Falcons at the German Masters 2019 it was Brandon King as user of the Patriots, who set the game-crucial tackle in the 4th-and-Goal. That’s why I show you a total of eight sections to the user in the defense for Madden NFL 19.

Here are the things that you must master:
1. Control a defensive line player (and why you should do it only in exceptional cases)
2. Control a linebacker
3. Control a defensive back
4. Important features to a player as a user
5. Good moves to get started practicing a player’s user
6. Settings and direction change with the user
7. Run Defense and run-fits of the user
8. Do not always pick the same player on the field

Control a defensive line player
Usually beginners start by sending a defensive line (DL) player. A defensive liner, you should really but only in the first familiarization phase of Madden and control in very few exceptions. The reason why many choose a DL player is probably the certainty of being able to make fewer mistakes here than with a player in the mid or backfield assigned to a particular zone or other important responsibilities.

An exception would be, among other things, a certain flash, in which you are best a quick defensive end (DE) on defensive tackle (DT) and this ideally plays the DL 3 Technique. Manually controlled can then perform something like the “Pirate Stunt”. Another exception would be, for example, if I set a trap for the opponent and want to “jump” certain routes, such as a table or angle route from the Running Back (RB). For example, DE Vic Beasley from the Atlanta Falcons is very well suited for both when placed on DT. For example, for a “route humping”, the flash is briefly simulated and then tries to get between the pass receiver and quarterback (QB) quickly.