Elder Scrolls Online – Are You Looking Forward to Update 23?

The next content update for Elder Scrolls Online is planned to be released at the same time with the Scalebreaker DLC. The release date was not revealed yet but the wait time isn’t that long anymore. Update 23 comes with a plethora of changes. Multi-crafting is one of the features that players are looking forward to the most. This will make crafting considerably easier by reducing the time. Players will be able to craft, refine, and deconstruct more items at the same time. All they have to do is to choose how many times they want to do the selected action. This is a great feature especially for those who are planning to level up a new crafting profession. Multi-bidding for guild trader locations is another feature that is part of this update. The players can place 10 bids on different locations each week based on a priority system. The winner is the one who has the highest bid. Once the first location is sold, the system will prioritize the second location, and then the third one, until one is won or until all are sold to other players. If you win the bid, all the other active bids are withdrawn and the money is sent back to the guild bank.

Undaunted keys are stored as inventory items. Once the update goes live, you will find them in the currency section. There are also more ways to spend them. The Undaunted can be acquired from quest NPCs. You don’t need to use the chest that’s in the middle of the camp anymore. This update is great for those who wish to get the Monster shoulder items. The coffers will have more reward options. The Monster shoulder style page can be bought for keys. There are also some updates concerning the PvP part of the game. Ald Carac has more compact maps for capture the relic, team deathmatch, and chaos ball modes. Istirus battleground has some modified maps as well. Players who engage in a match of chaos ball or deathmatch will notice the changes. The update will be free for all players. Get ready to earn ESO gold!